Monday, October 18, 2010

Giant Muffin Brawlers - pixel art animation

Behold the Giant Muffin Brawlers!

From the video description:
"This was made for a college assignment in about 50 hours. We had to make a ~40 seconds video with the subject of our choice, using adobe After Effects. I made mine in pixel art because, heh its what I do...

After effects and pixel art dont really mix so well though, had quite a bit of problems with that. Like it doesnt seem to take indexed color images well for one, so I had to go through every animation frame and convert them individually every time I wanted to change a detail.
Also note that, made in after effect, this is not "pure" pixel art by any means: After effects does motion blurring and a lot of other things that I didnt have to do manually, and there's also a mix in resolutions there.

But I really like the result! It looks pretty darn neat I think!

Also, the main character of the video is a friend of mine, Michael Émond. He was originally going to work on the video with me, but we later decided to work on our own videos separately instead."

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