Thursday, August 4, 2011


I loved this show when I was a kid, heck I loved watching reruns when I was in high school. When an adult saw me watching it and asked me if I thought maybe I was a little old to be watching Thundercats I explained in a concise and eloquent manner how the show still had a lasting appeal for the teenage and early twenties crowd that stems from it's unique style, nostalgia factor, and slight counter culture edge that comes with the territory of being a budding young adult who says "Yeah, I like this cartoon."

Well okay, I actually just said "Uh, no." in a mildly sarcastic tone.

I know for some people it's appeal has faded with age. I heard someone say that they had re-watched some if it and their assessment was "Dude, it did not age well."

In this age where television media is more polished and refined than ever I feel that many people turn to older shows with modern day expectations and an unnecessarily cynical view point but for me it's the rough edges that contribute part of the charm. The ridiculous plots and goofy dialogue delight me almost as much as the animation, characters, and music. Lion-O's Shatneresque dialogue employed in intense situations tickles me every time and who wouldn't want to live near a civilization of robot teddy bears with a thriving agricultural industry?

For me this is one of those shows that can take me back to my childhood and while I may enjoy riffing on it I don't truly look upon it with a critical eye. I think sometimes you just have to enjoy things for what they are.

The Thundercats series review video below is by James Rolf of Angry Video Game Nerd fame so there is some crude language.

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