Thursday, October 1, 2009

Blue Tooth Bear

I saw this on Gizmodo and after watching the video I realized that if I had to use one of these I'd never be able to take any phone call seriously again. Then again there's no doubt this would be a hit with kids so I'm surprised there aren't tons of them on the market already.


  1. VERY long time no see.

    This is dboyzero (although it looks like my handle's been changed to Cornelius), dunno if you remember me, but I used to mod at Why Not on Gaia a long time ago. By chance I stumbled across my old Gaia stuff, and I don't think I ever made a formal resignation from my duties at the guild. It's been years, so I'm sure things have gone well enough, but for what it's worth I wanted to contact you or zphal girl to apologize. I hope you found someone to take over the IDT, as I literally haven't been around for years.

    In any case, it seems like you and Z are both still active, and the guild seems to be doing well. If you could take my name off the crew list, I'd be very appreciative. Sorry for springing this on you out of the blue like this.

  2. Oh okay, was your name changed to "Cornelius loh Quatious"? I was wondering who that was.

    No need to apologize though. I will also pass your message on to Zphal and take you off of the crew.

    Have you lost access to your Gaia account or something? Even if you don't want to be on crew you're more than welcome to come by and say hi. :D

    Anyways I hope you're doing well and having fun.