Monday, May 25, 2009

Pixel art dealing with sex?

Another isometric pixel scene found on DeviantArt. Honestly this is kind of awesome. Apparently it was in GQ Magazine in a sex drive article. At least that's what I gather from the description.

Most likely this would've been spread out on the page background with text in front, but not having seen the article itself that's just my guess.

Aside from the unique subject matter this is a master piece in it's charming style and detail, from little Star Wars and Street Fighter action figures to the angry looking vacuum cleaner.

I kind of wish I could read the article just to see if there's an explanation for why the couple might be hanging out in the attic or the basement. Kinky?

As usual with pixel art you've gotta view it at full size to see it as it was intended.

(Click on the image to view in DeviantArt)

Here are some detail shots at double the normal resolution:

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